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Perry Law Office represents many types of creditors to help collect money owed. There is a deadline to file a lawsuit (statue of limitations) or attempt to collect a debt owed to you or your company. We primarily work on a contingent fee basis but depending on the situation and the facts of the case, we may also do hourly or flat fee work.

Key Terms:

  • Debt/Delinquent Account: this is what someone owes you. The amount of money a person or company owes you.
  • Debtor/Defendant: this is the person who owes you money
  • Creditor/Plaintiff/Client: this is the person who is owed the money.
  • Court Costs/Filing Fees: this term is used to explain the cost of filing the lawsuit and paying for service of court pleadings to the debtor.
  • Contingency Fee: this is a fee structure where the attorney and creditor split the amount collected. Attorney does not get a fee unless monies are collected. 
  • Statute of Limitations (SOL): this is a deadline to file a lawsuit. Each type of debt has a different deadline to file a lawsuit. If you miss that deadline, you are not eligible to file suit against the person or entity who owes you money. Some SOL are very short so do not sit on the debt and not do anything.

Landlord Tenant Law – Evictions

Evicting a current tenant may not be as easy as it sounds. There are strict laws regarding evictions. Failure to comply with these laws could result in a delay or not regaining possession of your rental unit. Perry Law Office wants to make this process as easy as possible for you. We represent numerous apartment communities and independent owners in Allen County and the surrounding area.

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Debt Collection Lawyer Fees

Our goal is to provide efficient legal collection service at competitive rates. We offer several methods for fixing the firm’s rate of compensation. Contingency fee rates are the most common in the collection of delinquent accounts. Mortgage foreclosures, mechanic liens, repossession and attachment actions, and bankruptcy work does not lend itself to contingency fee arrangements. The firm is willing to discuss compensation packages, including hourly rates, and flat fees in representing its clients.

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We can help you collect on delinquent accounts that you alone may not be able to get collected. Our experience and knowledge in the Debt Collection field helps us to optimize your recovery rate on delinquent accounts. Whether you are a business or an individual, we can help you recover monies owed to you.

Contact an experienced Fort Wayne debt collection attorney today. Call our Fort Wayne, Indiana law firm at (260) 483-3110 to discuss legal collection services at any stage of delinquency.

What is your debt collection success rate?

Our most frequently asked question is “Will you be able to collect my money?” We believe that if anyone can collect on your account, we can. Because we are a law firm whose business is debt collecting, we collect more money, more often. Our state-of-the-art software and our highly trained collectors contribute to our success. One of the most important factors for a successful collection is the age of the delinquent account when we receive it. The success rate drops dramatically as the delinquent account ages. Don’t delay in referring your delinquent accounts.

How soon can you collect for me?

Some cases are collected within the first 30 days. Sometimes, the debtor pays immediately upon receiving a letter and/or a phone call from our law firm. However, if that is not successful, we generally recommend filing a lawsuit to collect your money. We have found that our successful recovery rate is the result of prompt court action if the letters and phone calls are unsuccessful.

Will you settle my claim?

Only you can approve a compromise! We will do our best to get all of your money and we won’t compromise your claim without your consent. If we receive a settlement offer, we will communicate it to you. Ultimately, any settlement or compromise will be your decision. We view our relationship as a partnership! Because we generally are on a contingent fee agreement, a compromise affects both of us.

Do you take payments?

We always demand full immediate payment. Very frequently the threat of litigation or the actual filing of proceedings with the court produces this result. However, in some circumstances, payments may be the only option. If it becomes apparent that a debtor can only make payments, we will discuss your options with you. It will be your decision to accept payments over time.

What will it cost me?

On a contingent fee arrangement, you pay no fee unless we recover money for you. When the filing of a lawsuit is recommended, we normally request a cost deposit to cover the filing fee. We are pleased to put our time into collecting your claim. We request you show your confidence in your case by providing the filing fee. Indiana filing fees are modest but do change year to year. The filing fee includes filing the paperwork and service of process.

How and when do I receive the money you collect for me?

All money collected is deposited in our trust account. After we are certain that the debtor’s payment has cleared, your money is disbursed to you and our fee to us. We don’t get paid on contingent fee cases until you receive your portion of the recovery. We usually disburse all cleared funds bi-weekly. We can remit to you bi-weekly or monthly.

What if you can’t collect for me?

There are some cases which we cannot collect for various reasons. Since debt collection is our business, cases are our inventory. If we are unable to collect within a reasonable amount of time and no judgment has been obtained in court we will discuss your options with you.

Who will answer my routine questions?

Attorneys, Scott Perry, Tom Knight, Ray Perry, Office Manager, Angela Rose, and other legal assistants are available by phone (260-483-3110) to discuss your case. You are the client and we are here to help you. Every legal assistant has access to your claim. All have the knowledge to provide you with information on your case. You seldom have to wait for a return call. You can also send e-mail or regular mail.